Meet PGA Pro Jack Donaldson

Get to know our golf instructors! A bit about Jack:

  • Experience – 20 years experience
  • Started playing golf at 14 years old (lucky for us he was tired of sitting on the bench playing footy and wanted to beat his Dad at golf!)
  • Career highlight – Hole in one at Royal Melbourne Golf Club 5th Hole West Course
  • Enjoy most about teaching – “I get great satisfaction out of seeing people improve and get more enjoyment out of playing golf. Golf like anything is in constant evolution, so I also enjoy learning and upskilling myself with more facets and knowledge of the game”.
  • Best thing about Centenary Park – “It’s one of the best public courses in Victoria! The course offers variety and presents really well. Being a public golf course, it caters for a broad spectrum of golfers – which makes the facility entertaining and never the same from day to day”
  • Secret skill – Jack is ambidextrous with a lot of different sports and everyday activities. He’s also a professional shower singer.