In an effort to provide an inclusive environment for golfers, enable education around how to engage with golf dependent on ability and removing gender bias, Centenary Park Golf Course has changed the naming conventions of our tees to be ability-focused rather than gender-specified.

We want our course to be as accessible and welcoming to all, and we believe the removal of outdated gender-based naming conventions is a step towards equality and improved enjoyment with our game.


What are the new tee boxes called?

Previous New
Ladies – Red Community – Red
Men’s – Blue Adventure – Blue
Men’s – Black Challenge – Black


What tee do I now play off?

Players are welcome to play the tee that is most comfortable playing on the course, regardless of gender. The distances haven’t changed, just the naming conventions. All tees are playable for all players – juniors inclusive.


Will this affect my handicap?

We recommend staying consistent with your tee choice to keep your game consistent if playing off your handicap. For example – if you have previously always played the Men’s / Black tee, we recommend you stick with the Challenge / Black tee moving forward.

Golf Shop / comps can provide assistance if you are unsure.


Why is Centenary Park doing this?

It is our ambition to make golf as inclusive, accessible and enjoyable as possible. We believe having tees that are descriptive based on skills or experience sought is more in-line with this philosophy and hope our patrons feel the same.


What differences on course might I expect?

The only difference you may find is difference in length of course if you choose to play off a tee that is not the replacement of what you would have previously, e.g. you are a male and played off the Men’s / Black tee previously and now wish to play off the Red / Community tee.


Is this applicable to both junior and adult players?

This new naming system is applicable to all players at Centenary Park.


What other benefits will come from these new tees?

Our new tee boxes will have the ability to also improve the pace of play. By providing the opportunity for players to choose the tee that best suits their ability, this will result in holes being completed quicker, reducing any bottlenecks on the course.

You might also see an improvement in your score!


If you have any further questions about our new tee boxes, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff.