So, you’ve decided to take up golf. Great! 

There is no denying that the shopping for equipment phase is the most enjoyable part of learning to play golf. Not only is it satisfying; choosing the right equipment to suit your game and level of experience will not only fast track your way to improvement, but you’ll have your best score in no time.

When it comes to choosing the right golf ball, there is no exception. 

A common misbelief when beginning golf is that purchasing the most expensive set of balls will instantly improve your game. Every player is different, so it is important to find the brand of ball that will best suit your game. You don’t want to be the player with all the gear and no idea.

Choosing a ball that compliments your style of game and level of experience is just as important as selecting the right clubs. They all might look the same, but each style of golf ball possesses their own distinct personalities and traits.

There are five main types of golf balls on the market. One-piece balls, two-piece balls, three-piece balls, four-piece balls and yep, you guessed it, five-piece balls. The numbered element to the name refers to how many layers/materials the ball is composed of.

Premium balls that professionals and players with low-handicaps typically use are the multi-layered options. The core and innermost layers provide the ball speed, while the outer layers interact with either the cover or adjoining layers to create a “pinching” effect for high spin. 

This sounds great right? Who doesn’t want to hit the ball further and make it spin!? However, the ability to maximise the velocity and spin of the ball is greatly impacted by a player’s swing and biometrics. So, unless you’re the second coming of Tiger Woods, it might be best to stick with the two-piece option.

Your premium ball might look great on the tee, but if you aren’t utilising the correct ball to match your skill level, it will end up finding a new home with the fish in the water hazard.

Two piece balls are your best bet for starting up. They are contrived of two components: a large, solid core and an external cover. Two-piece balls are cost-effective and durable; best suited for players with slower swing speeds.

The hard synthetic rubber core creates fast ball speeds and low spin rates. This will allow you to generate extra distance as well as reducing the effects of a hook or slice due to the low-spinning nature of it’s design.

Once you mature and develop your game, moving on to multilayer balls will be your next step.

The main factor to consider is finding what ball best suits your style of game. This might take some trial and error to begin with, but we recommend these balls to start off with.




     Titleist Tour Soft       Callaway Super Soft   Srixon Soft Feel

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