Traditionally, when you think of golf, you associate the sport with retirees soaking in their work free lifestyle, or a group of colleagues out on a ‘business meeting.’

However, golf isn’t just about escaping work commitments; there are countless health and social benefits that one will experience when playing. These benefits are mostly related to the distance covered by walking during a round of golf.

COVID may have separated us from friends and family, but one factor did unite us all — a new-found love for walking.

Walking was the one thing that got us through our days. It broke up mundane life restricted within the walls of our homes, it allowed us to get back in touch with the environment as well as providing an outlet to relieve stress and mental stagnancy.

Just because life is starting to edge closer to normality, it doesn’t mean walking should be totally discarded from your routine.

Better Health lists the following benefits of walking for even just 30 minutes in your day:

Now granted, you can’t be blamed for losing motivation after sprawling through every inch of your 5km radius for the last two years, but fortunately, that is where golf comes into the picture.

The average distance covered when playing on Centenary Park’s 72 par course is 9.5km. Yes, you read that correctly, 9.5km!

That is the equivalent of walking up and down the MCG 54 times, 25 laps around a standard sized Olympic athletics track or five laps of Caulfield Racecourse.

At Centenary Park, we are estimating 56,000 rounds of golf will be played in 2022. That means, by the end of the year, 532,000km’s would have been covered on our magnificent golf course. 

Just to put that into perspective, it would take someone 13 laps around Earth to reach that target.



Golf is one of those rare activities where you can mix exercise, socialising and a hint of competitiveness all in one. It provides you with the opportunity to catch up with friends and exercise outdoors, while also enjoying the fun and relief of playing golf.

One of the many great components involved with golf that separates it from other leisure activities, is the convenience and accessibility of playing. Our course is open to the public from 6am and offers twilight tee off times. Meaning you get to play when it suits you!

Centenary Park Golf Course has prided itself on being one of the most accessible courses for the public and the local community, ensuring golf remains a fun and enjoyable experience for players of all abilities.

So no matter your age or experience, get involved in the current golfing boom and experience the many benefits of playing!