The Benefits of Golf Lessons

Golf is a great sport. It is also one of the most difficult and challenging games to master. No matter what level of golfer you are, there will always be days when you feel like throwing your clubs into the lake and giving it all up!

But, that is also what is so great about the game. Every day is different and as long as you stick to your process, a good score is just around the corner.

If you are noticing that a higher amount of average rounds are creeping into your game of late, then you might be in need of some professional counsel. The difference between a good score and a bad score could come down to the most minuscule of factors that only a true professional could pick up.

It might be the way you grip the club, the position of your feet or even the movement of your shoulders that is costing you precious strokes; whatever the reason, that is where a lesson with one of our pros will come in handy.

Using our state-of-the-art facilities along with Swing Catalyst (video analysis software), your swing can be completely broken down to analyse and detect any flaws that might be hindering your game. Once these flaws are recognised, a professional can work with you to remove them from your swing and focus on targeting any preexisting bad habits.

Lessons aren’t only recommended for people looking to improve their game, lessons are a perfect way for beginners to start their journey into the golfing world. What better time to tune and build the fundamentals of your swing than right at the beginning.

Building your technique with a professional from the get-go before you even step foot onto a course will do wonders for your game in the long run. It means that by the time you do decide to have your first round of golf, you won’t have any bad habits in your technique. It also means that you will be playing with extreme confidence and trust in your game that you wouldn’t have had without any lessons.

So, no matter what level of golfer you are, come and try out some lessons with one of our three PGA accredited professionals. Your scorecard will thank you for it!