Meet the Team - say hi to Lazarus (aka Laz!)

Laz is our Programs Coordinator here at Centenary Park, working with management to coordinate all of the activities we offer at the course – ranging from school programs to potential activities, activations and special events.

Laz joined us earlier this year, and really enjoys the culture that we have created and all collectively enjoy at Centenary Park. Everyone gets along, there’s a great positive vibe and energy between all of the staff and the players, and everyone really enjoys being at work and getting out to enjoy the course and a hit of golf.

Centenary Park Golf Course Laz1 Centenary Park Golf Course Laz2

One of the key benefits of being the Programs Coordinator is that Laz really loves the fact that he can make a real difference, and help to grow the sport and enjoyment of the game of golf. Getting as many people as possible out to enjoy Centenary Park is a challenging but exciting role that he’s enjoyed so far and is looking forward to continuing.

As much as he loves his role there are a few downsides to his job – waking up for the early opens is not much fun, but the trade-off to finishing early probably outweighs those early starts! The other drawback is pulling the carts in and out of the back shed, which is a time consuming, and often boring job – particularly washing them down at the end of the day. All in a days work though!

What does Laz get up to when he’s not at Centenary Park Golf Course? He’s pretty keen on his sport, particularly AFL, golf and American Sports like the NFL and NBA. His biggest bucket list item is to one day attend a super bowl (preferably with his beloved Seattle Seahawks playing)!

He also loves to travel, but as you know, we haven’t been able to do much of that lately. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, Laz is super keen to get over to the U S of A and enjoy his American sports in person again.

Working at Centenary Park pretty much means getting out on the course and Laz is always trying to improve his golf game as well – so any tips or tricks feel free to share as he’s very happy to take them all on board!