Meet the Team - PGA Professional Jack Donaldson

You all know this smiley face! Say hi to Jack Donaldson – one of our friendly PGA and Teaching Professionals here at Centenary Park.

Jacks role is to essentially help to grow and develop the game of golf. He is a PGA Professional, qualified and advanced in the field of coaching. Jack is particularly interested in the development and performance aspects of the game and is always looking at new ways to bring energy to golf though his programs and via the connection of people through the communities he creates.

Jack Donaldson PGA Professional Jack Donaldson PGA Professiona Jack Donaldson PGA Professiona

Jack has been working at Centenary Park for 7 years across a variety of different capacities. Commencing his PGA traineeship at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, he completed it here at Centenary Park under the misguidance of Steve Montgomerie and Warren Young.

After finalising his traineeship and working as a Teaching Professional at The Dunes Golf Links, he also continued to assist in tuition delivery and golf operations at Centenary Park.

With the management transition of Centenary Park over to Clublinks in 2019, Jack chose to take the opportunity to move full time to Centenary Park as one of our key Teaching Professionals.

Jack has worked at every type of golf course – including resort courses, private courses and the best in our country – however nothing beats the diversity and entertainment of working at a public golf course such as Centenary Park. We cater to golfers of all walks of life and through his role in teaching the game, is privileged to be a part of each golfer’s journey. Our staff’s culture and dynamic here at Centenary Park is also one of the best he has ever been a part of!

At the end of the day – Jack gets to help people enjoy their golf. The self-satisfaction he gets, knowing that he honestly does make a difference is why he loves his job. With his education and qualifications in the game, Jack is able to understand the complexities of golf and deliver simplified teachings and solutions (let’s be honest, YouTube and “mates” advice does mess up a lot of people)!

Developing relationships is the most important part of Jacks role and he loves being able to develop those friendships and be that constant guidance to those who want to play their best.

The worst part of the job is those early morning opens during winter and having to tell off the older men waiting around in the dark. He has to tell them to “GO BACK TO YOUR CAR AND WAITING UNTIL THE SUN IS RISING – SURELY HYPOTHERMIA IS NOT A GOOD THING AT YOUR AGE”. Caring about their welfare is par for the course, and it also helps if there’s no human traffic to dodge like traffic cones whilst reversing the golf carts out in the pre-dawn darkness!

Growing up in Country Victoria – Jack is still a country kid at heart and enjoys being outside, doing sports and fitness when time permits. He lives locally in Hastings with his wife Anna and two gorgeous daughters Isabella (6) and Charlotte (3). His daughters have rekindled Jacks childhood love of Lego – of which he has done a lot of Lego building with them throughout these lockdown periods.

Jack enjoys watching all different sports on TV – especially American Sports. His favourite teams include the Charlotte Hornets, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians and San Jose Sharks.

As a self-confessed golf geek, he loves the equipment aspect of the game and is constantly doing additional certifications and study to grow his knowledge of the game.  Do yourself a favour and book in a lesson or two with Jack and enjoy the improvements to your game when you’re out on the course!